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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the flask dishwasher safe?

Yes! Our flask is made with high quality PETG and PP plastics that are safe for the dishwasher! However, since the dishwasher may not get into the cavity of the bottle, we recommend putting some hot soap and water in the bottle and shaking it to ensure the interior is cleaned between uses!

What if I lost the cap to my flask?

Fret not... Snap Shot Flask uses a 28mm cap that is standard on many alcohol bottles. Head over to your liquor cabinet and test out some of the caps from your bottles. To ensure a proper seal, tighten the new cap and squeeze the bottle. You should not be able to press air/liquid out of the bottle!

Is the flask recyclable?

Absolutely! While we understand that plastic is a sensitive medium when used incorrectly, this high grade plastic can have a second life should you choose to dispose of it. Producing our product in the USA was part of our effort to ensure it was manufactured in a plant that followed our EPA guidelines. 

How many shots are in the flask?

The flask is 500ml, which is about 16.9 fluid oz. This gives you between 11-12 1.5oz shots. Typically in use, since I do not pour FULL 1.5oz shots I am able to get closer to 14. 

Why did you choose 500ml?

I chose 500ml for a couple reasons: 


In the USA, the regulatory bodies (TTB/FDA/LCB) dictate bottle sizes that can be used for the bottling of spirits. Although we typically use ounces in the US, liquor bottles are set in ML (1.75L "handles", 750ml "fifths"). I wanted the continuity with this system/standard. 

As far as why I chose 500ml, I was frustrated with the small size of traditional hip flasks. Going through the trouble of pouring 4 shots into a tiny hole that was hardly shareable? No thanks... I wanted a better balance of volume and function without carrying around a water bottle or liquor bottle.

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Disclaimer: We do not condone excessive drinking! The design and functionality of this product is intended for the exact opposite! We want you be aware of exactly how much you are drinking and what you are drinking! Please drink responsibly! 
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