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Snap Shot 500ml Flask!

Snap Shot Flask

Snap Shot is a 500ml flask with two shot glasses that snap on and off.


It is made of a durable, recyclable plastic that is BPA free and dishwasher safe.


It features a semitransparent bottle with ounce markers to help ensure the perfect measurement of your favorite drink. The interior of the shot glasses are also marked to ensure the perfect pour.


Snap Shot is manufactured and assembled in the USA (NJ/PA).


It's patented design allows for maximum internal volume and is built for repeated use. It can hold over 11 heavy handed shots and still fits in your back pocket or bag.


It makes for the perfect 21st birthday gift, but is practical for all drinking ages and can be used for many occasions such as pregames, tailgates, beach outings, hiking trips and more!


Thank you for your interest,


Samuel W. Foster

President and CEO

Disclaimer: We do not condone excessive drinking! The design and functionality of this product is intended for the exact opposite! We want you be aware of exactly how much you are drinking and what you are drinking! Please drink responsibly! 
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